Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability refers to the weakness in the information system which could be exposed and exploited by threats. Cyber crimes could be conducted through the vulnerabilities of a system which cause huge effects to the information system and organization.

Impacts of vulnerability exposure includes:
- Malware, hidden backdoor programs, injected into the IT system
- Unwanted privileges assigned to users
- Scripts running without virus checks
- Unknown security bugs cause data breaches

Without vulnerability management, your IT system is exposed to danger.

We have a professional team here ready to help you understand all the risks and fix the vulnerabilities of your systems!

We use the industry-leading cloud-based vulnerability management system - and the underlying Nessus technology for our vulnerability management project.

By choosing us, we can help you on
  • Actively scan your network and devices for any vulnerabilities for both cloud or on-premises services
  • Find the vulnerabilities and analyse them
  • Fix the issue before the vulnerabilities be exploited
  • Predict the vulnerabilities in advance and take preventive actions.

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How we manage the vulnerabilities

We manage the vulnerabilities by the following methods

Secure Amazon AWS Assets

Not only on-premises data assets, cloud assets can also be secured! If you are using Amazon AWS, we use Frictionless Assessment to secure your AWS assets. Exposures could be detected in time by real-time monitoring.
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Vulnerability Scan

For vulnerability scan, we use Nessus. Nessus provides scanning tools which can scan the network and hosts and assesses the vulnerabilities in levels.

Reason why we choose Nessues
- Accuracy
- Vulnerability coverage
- Reliable globally
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Vulnerability Identification and Incident Response

Vulnerable data of the IT system (Virtual Machines, Cloud devices, On-premises devices…) is being gathered by the sensors automatically first. Then, the data is tracked and analyzed continuously. The vulnerabilities could be identified and prioritized after analysis. Lastly, security reports are generated for better incident response.
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