Endpoint Protection

Have you or your organization ever experienced of

-Data Theft

-Industrial Espionage or Sabotage

-Bad USB

Your endpoints are the causes of cyber crimes!

Desktops, Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets, Servers, Workstations and Internet of Things (IoT) devices are all endpoints in your IT system. They are always the most vulnerable point for cybercriminals. Without proper methods to keep endpoints secure, your IT system could suffer from malware, data theft, system disruption...

Don’t worry! Hand over to us and we will have everything sorted for you!

For Endpoint Protection, we use DriveLock Managed Security Services.

DriveLock focuses on protecting organizations’ data and services against cyber attacks and loss of important information.
  • Drivelock Managed Security Services

By using DriveLock Managed Security Services, we are able to provide you

How we protect your Endpoints

We protect your Endpoints by the following methods

Application Control

It is one of the most effective ways to protect your endpoint. We use DriveLock’s whitelist function to prevent unknown and unwanted programs from running in your system. Only trusted applications and installers included in the whitelist could take actions on the computers. All other applications are blocked.

Cyber Crimes that Application Control can prevent:
- Keyloggers
- Ransomware
- Malware
- Zero-day Exploits
- ...
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Vulnerability Scanning

By Scanning the network and endpoints, vulnerabilities of the system could be detected automatically. Then, further action could be taken to recover the vulnerabilities.
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Endpoint Monitoring

Endpoints could be monitored in real-time.
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Device Control

Research shows that 80% of employees used to copy data from or to USB drives, mobile devices and other devices through USB ports of the organization’s endpoints. In this way, malware could be easily transferred into the organization’s IT systems and spread within the whole system.

External drives and devices could be considered as threats to the IT system as employees with purposes could use it to steal data assets.

We are here to help to manage the external storage and other devices. They will be strictly controlled and logged when they access the organization’s IT system. Data transactions between USB and the organization’s IT system are monitored all the time. Organization’s sensitive data are prevented from being transferred to external media.

Examples of Device Control:
- Only permitted external devices and storages could be connected to the organisation’s IT system
- Sensitive data are not allowed to be transferred to or from external devices
- Data transferred only allowed for authorised roles
- Encrypted data transfers
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