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IPP Cyber Consulting is a service provided by IP Partners to keep our clients away from cyber crimes. We provide consulting service along with cyber security protection service such as endpoint protection and vulnerability management services.

We have confidence to make everyone in your organisation aware of the importance of cyber security and how to keep the IT system secure. We also help you in more technical aspects: we protect your endpoints from being attacked and prevent the vulnerabilities in your system being exploited.

As the cyber consulting service provider, IP Partners provides professional consulting services for small and medium sized businesses. Our objective is to offer cyber security solutions for the business to solve their problems and prevent them from cyber crimes.
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IP Partners

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Finance &
Insurance market

Life &
Health science

Public &
Private Education

Construction &
Commercial Real Estate

Sports &
Entertainment and Media

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Quick Response

Our exclusive help desk technicians are always here waiting for you.

Experience Team

Our experienced cyber security team have solve hundreds of cases with their professional skills.

Flexible Payment

We provide various ways of payments.

Tailored advice

We fully take your situation and your industry into consideration and provide the best advice for you.

Quality Service

Over 99% customer satisfaction gives us confidence to provide you quality service.

Technical Support

Our technicians are ready to support you in any stages.

Team Behind Our Success

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