IPP Cyber Consulting

is a service provided by IP Partners to keep our clients away from cyber crimes. We provide consulting service along with cyber security protection service such as endpoint protection and vulnerability management services.

We have confidence to make everyone in your organisation aware of the importance of cyber security and how to keep the IT system secure. We also help you in more technical aspects: we protect your endpoints from being attacked and prevent the vulnerabilities in your system being exploited.

Our Team

Our team comprises individuals of varying IT backgrounds and with decades of industry experience, our skills and expertise speaks for itself. All of our staff maintain a high level of training. They are ready to help you with Cyber Security issues.
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Consulting Services

Cyber Security Consulting

Feel concerned about your IT system security?
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Endpoint Protection

Experiencing Data Theft, Industrial Espionage or Sabotage and Bad USB? 
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Vulnerability Management

Afraid of system exposure sourced from your system’s vulnerabilities? 
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Work process

How we work


First step of process

Contact and make an appointment with us


Our second easy step

Tell us your situation and we provide you solutions


Important third step

We implement the solution and fix the issue


Solution in final step

End up the project or work with us further


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